Saturday, March 14, 2009

San Cristobal de Las Casas

Everybody kept telling me that i will absolutely L-O-V-E San Cristobal de Las Casas. And guess what? I didn´t. The town itself is lovely of course, but not the atmosphere. At least not for me. I think it had more tourists than locals and frankly, if i´d want to see an abundance of Americans/Germans, i´d go to States/Germany. The attitude and prices of the merchants were in balance with the % of tourists: somewhat agressive and high. And March isn´t even a tourist season in San Cristobal.

I might not of course do justice to San Cristobal, because i only had one full day to spend in it, but it´s not like there would be less tourists if i would stay for a week. The central city is being propped up for tourists: houses freshly painted, cute benches, new pavements, flowers etc, but if you venture a bit outward, you see that it´s not at all what real San Cristobal is like.

I think that the architecture and intended mood of San Cristobal is quite similar to Oaxaca, minus the massive tourist attack. So can i go back to Oaxaca, please?

I think a good illustration of San Cristobal having waaaay too many tourists was the fact that i met two Estonian girls at the bus station (Tervitused, chicas!). I scared them half to death by saying "hello" in Estonian, they said they will never comment people randomly loudly in Estonian again :).


Indigenous child selling handicraft

Children at the local school

Indigenous woman

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