Wednesday, March 11, 2009

El Jardin EtnoBotanico, Oaxaca

At some point Luis got tired of babysitting me and dropped me off at the EtnoBotanical Garden so i could busy myself independently for 2-3 hours. If i´d be into botanics, i would have l*o*v*e*d that place: all kinds of imaginable cactuses, weird looking trees, rare plants etc. And the tour-guide seemed very competent and dedicated. I swear, he stopped next to every root and branch to give a 15-minute lecture about it. And by the looks of it, they were very detailed and informative lectures though i have a suspicious feeling that i wouldn´t understand big part of them even in English, not to mention in Spanish, which was the case.

So i busied myself with taking photos and got constantly left behind or strayed. In the end i involuntarily pissed off the tour-guide, gardener and even the gate-keeper, who were constantly ushering me back to the right path to catch my tour-group (the garden had pre-defined roads where one was allowed to walk on).

I call it: "The tree of thousand eyes" :)

Two trees inside one bark

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