Saturday, March 14, 2009

Camping in the jungle. Palenque, Chiapas

city of Palenque´s biggest attraction is beautiful complex of Mayan ruins outside the city. I decided to camp out on jungle grounds, rather than staying in the city hostel. I hitch-hiked a ride outside the city and rented myself a very simple jungle house (the emphasis on simple). Predicting a mosquito attack, i covered every accessible part of my skin with mosquito repellent, after which i smelled accordingly. Hope malaria-carrying ones flew right past me, since i have seemed to misplace my Malarone tablets somewhere.

Camping ground had little roads taking you to differents parts of camping area

One of the nicer cabana houses

The local restaurant "Don Mucho" (can you guess by the name which ethnic cuisine it offers? hehe, italian/mexican) was pretty decent. But much more decent was the little concert of local musicians. I was particularly awed by the drum-guy, who played simultaneously 3 different bongo drums, banged something regularly with his right leg and also carried a light conversation with the guitar guy during the whole concert. Turned out he was of Mayan decent, named Galdo.

So, my very first jungle cabana, right there in the middle of jungle.
The cabana was .. unique. It had 3 windows, excuse of a lock and an air-fan with a wire glued to the wall, but cut from three places. Don´t think they worry their little heads too much about cleaning the cabanas or providing any level of even illusion of security. At least there was electricity and windows had curtains. * One could also get a more fancier cabana, but since it was just a place to crash for me, it wasn´t so important to get a nice one.

But the surroundings - they were just lovely. It was like music to my ears, nightly jungle-noises mixed with somebody´s soft guitar playing from one of the nearby cabanas. With a risk of sounding too much like Mowgli, I´d say it felt like home :).

He-he, my super super fancy cabana :)

Security system

Communal showers

* For the information: I stayed in El Panchan camping ground, in one of the cabanas "mas economicas". 100 pesos (about 90 EEK) a night/double bed/communal showers. As long as you have your own sleeping bag with you and you don´t want to go to shower, you´re ok :).


  1. What are you complaining?? Save your money and look out for something really fancy if you think the cabana, the "system security" and the "communal showers" werent fairly enough for that price! money-grubber...

    1. Sometimes i feel that some people start reading a blog post with already a nasty comment in mind and whatever i write about, it mostly passes them by.

  2. been to palenque as a thirtysomething (liked ruins) but silence among self-obsessed tourists playing guitars, singing, talking, etc., camping out at night absolutely lacking respect for others seems always to destroy the mexico, especially, it's barking dogs, dogs, dogs and lots of useless human noise, every day, every must be easy to please

  3. Well, i liked the one night i stayed in there though very noisy neighbors and relentless human blabber was testing my patience when i tried to go to sleep. I don't think i'd like to stay there longer, i'm not really built for all that let's all live together in a big community and wash ourselves once a month, maybe, lifestyle.


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