Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giant photostream of lovely Oaxaca

Bustling Oaxaca city:

Coca-cola could be a national drink, it´s everywhere, even in the poorest of villages!

Parking in India was wonderfully creative, but in Mexico it´s creative and functional: available parking spaces are "blocked" by some objects. If you want to park there, you pay a small amout to "the manager" of those objects and he will free the space & keep an eye on your car while you´re away.

The best part of my day: getting wonderfully fresh fruit

Indigenous women of Oaxaca region

In the evening, food vendors come on the streets:

Eating in Oaxaca

La Biznaga restaurant:

I love the creative way to put menus hanging from the ceiling

I was nosing around in the kitchen

Sauces ready

Around Oaxaca

Agaves, the ones which tequila is made of


  1. Just a note: agave is not cactus :)

  2. Oye, I also took a photo of that Coca Cola sign!

    Mine was taken in Colonia Jalatlaco.

    Don Cuevas


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