Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don´t pet the dog!

I remember the first time me and Jevgeni visited Helsinki. They still had the security checks at the harbour then.

I almost got strip-searched by the harbour security guys. It wasn´t even my fault - i prefer to think that the lack of intellect and logical thinking that i displayed on that day must´ve been due to unfortunate genetical defect. That´s the only sane way i can reason my behaviour.

You see, they had cute labrador retrievers employed there as sniffers and who doesn´t like labrador retrievers? So not only did i make an involuntary attempt to pet one, but i also forgot about the fragrant oranges i had eaten on the ferry prior to docking. So, as expected (though obviously not by me), the labrador took a special interest in me which of course meant a trip to the "special booth".

The morale of the story: If you must pet the security narco-dogs, don´t eat citrus fruits before! Or vice versa :).

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