Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gastronomy of the air travel

I must be the only person in the non-famined population of the world who actually likes airplane food. And school food. And crappy sandwiches you can buy in the beach. And so on. I bet i would even like hospital food, if it ever came to that.

I think that the experience of eating airplane food is under-estimated. Just look at those cute little mini steaks or tiny juice cups. They are uncomfortable to handle, granted, but they kind of take me back to my childhood where me and my best pal Igor were playing with our toys - he with my plastic china & dolls and me with his soldiers & toy-cars. It´s kind of sad we missed the whole Mattel ™ era, he would´ve impersonated a wicked Barbie and my Ken would´ve been also oh so very dashing.

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