Thursday, March 5, 2009

Helsinki vs. Stockholm

And so it begins. The era of Ragne on the road. The bookies are now open to place bets whether i will be back in 4 or 5 weeks.


My first point of destination was Finland. And since my father-in-law Nikita works on Tallink Superstar ship, it was the cheapest option for me. Only restriction is that the employee-discounted tickets can however only be bought for days when the employee in question actually has a shift on the ship.

The day before the big ship-ride i get news that the ship has broken down in Helsinki and all future trips have been suspended. I contacted Tallink costumer service to inquire about the problem and mentioned them that i have a Staff-ticket.
"Don´t worry" the kind lady said
"If it isn´t getting fixed soon, your father-in-law will be assigned to some other ship and then you can go for example to Stockholm instead!"

Now isn´t that a perk? :)

Superstar´s control board. Only the one who´s father-in-law is a ship´s head mechanic can go there :)

Superstar´s main switchboard

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