Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing: Sofi

Oaxaca has a nice shiny new bus terminal, they even have a tourist information booth. The funny thing is that the guy in the booth didn´t speak literally a word of English, so when i was asking him where i could buy a payphone card, he started showing me random commercial leaflets of hostels, restaurants & car rentals, hoping to hit the jackpot :)

After arriving to Oaxaca, my host Luis Alfonso picked me up from the bus station. During the brief 5 minute ride to his place, we agreed that my birth-name was way too complicated and strange to handle in Mexico and he thought that from now on i should be known as Sofi. There was a grill-party at the house, when we arrived and i was of course introduced to everybody as Sofi. And strangely enough, indeed, not even once did i have to repeat my new name to anybody, as is often the case with "Ragne". So, i think i will keep my new adopted name during my travels, it will greatly smooth the introduction processes in the future.

My host Luis Alfonso


Belem & Renato

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