Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Messages of celebration

27th April

A little boy was born and with a birth of that baby a brand new happy excited family was created. My one and only brother became a father yesterday. And so with one moment he and Merli became parents and i gained a nephew. You can call me Aunt Ragne now :).

I am truly happy for you, Rainer & Merli, i wish you all the strength and patience of wonderful parents! The little one will already be a bit bigger by the time i will meet him, but with three months of life experience to share and a fancy new given name, i think we will have plenty of things to talk about with him.

28th April

My sunshine, my beloved, my dearest, my love, my husband, my confidant and my best friend has a birthday today. Will you all join me in wishing him all the best things in life on this beautiful sunny day!

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

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