Saturday, April 4, 2009

Search for impossible things

Finally my search to buy a notebook in Cuba has come to an end. Every stationary shop i went to until now never had any. It was like searching for that unfortunate payphone card all over again: in Cuban cities payphones are everywhere and i wanted to buy myself also a card. Except i couldn't find a single place that would sell them. I was literally making circles in Havana because every tourism office sent me to the next one which sent me to the bookshop which sent me to the stationary shop which sent me to a run-around-tour of big hotels which were all supposed to sell those unfortunate payphone cards etc. It became for me a bit of a dare already, to see how long does that chain continue. In the end, after 13 unsuccessful stops on the way, i found a place which instead of telling me that "of course they do not sell payphone cards, try the place xx" told me that they indeed did sell those cards but are freshly out. Not that it did me any good, but i was already starting to feel like a circus idiot running around town for some mythical payphone cards and at least now i got a confirmation that those cards indeed do exist. I decided that i don't need that payphone card that badly after all and thus ended my search.
To add extra thrill to my everyday Cuban life, i took up a search for a simple notebook, which i finally today found in Pinar Del Rio.

Now i can blog on paper :)

My next project is going to be finding a souvenir that doesn't have Che Guevara imprinted, drawn or etched on it. Predicting it's going to be a long and hard road.

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