Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rain a little rain for me

It’s raining today in Marrakech. And it is oh so very refreshing! Yesterday was so hot that I felt like peeling my skin off just to get some relief and all those lovely Moroccan ladies walking around in honest-to-God thick velvet jellabas seemed like a new breed of masochists.

I don’t think I could ever live in a place with no regular rain. I love rain. And not the “dribbles a bit” - kind, but proper “wet-in-5-seconds” flood. Among other things it’s awfully fun to jump around in puddles, forgetting that I’m supposed to be 26 years old serious young woman and instead pretending to be 5 again. Plus, rain puts things in a bit of a perspective for me – I always feel very grateful for having a warm comfortable home where I can sit by the window with a cup of hot steaming tea and watch millions of drops hit the ground while creating a monotonous ambient symphony on the background. Back at home i have soft pillows on the window sills specially for sitting and feeling all snuggly and cozy, though nowadays they are all pretty much hijacked by our lovely yet sometimes annoying cats.

But today I was taking great pleasure in sitting on the rooftop of my hotel and soaking in the freshness that was pouring down from the sky. And feeling grateful for being able to be here and thanking in my head all those people back at home who were supportive and helpful. But most of all feeling thankful to Jevgeni for understanding my wish to go away for a bit and letting me fulfill my dream of traveling on my own for some time, no matter how weird it might’ve seemed and how difficult it might’ve been to explain to others.

You know, husbands come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but it’s the capacity of being flexible that you single girls should keep an eye out for.

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