Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mexico + Dasha + Taxco, photos

TAXCO photos

The race between Dasha and her Gorilla-pod.
Ready, steady? GO!

Mango on a stick

Little inside joke only for Estonians

Such was the local public transport. The bus's route was written on it's front window. 3-4 pesos per trip.

Volkswagen Beetle re-mastered

Dasha was convinced until the very end that this animal is not live or alive. And then the poor presumed dead or otherwise inanimated animal moved and Dasha squeaked.

Sweet tooth, anybody?

It goes like this: he dips whatever you give him into one of those poisonous-looking chocolate fondues and voila! there's your (un)tasty snack!

Couldn't find Stewie, though

Dasha is photographying the hell out of my pancake

Celebrating our last night in Taxco

Our fancy "last night in Taxco" - dinner

View from our hotel's terrace


When we got back to Mexico City there was some active religious celebration going on, people were going crazy and buying beads by bulk ..

.. and statues of Christ. The size of the statue depended on the amount of your recent sins, maybe ..

.. so the virtuous people could settle only with the pocket-size figurine of the Lord.

Jolly officers guarding the passionate Christ-buyers

The best generic place in Mexico - fresh juice & smoothie bar. 15 EEK for a huge cup of freshly squeezed juice of your choice; yes, these were the good days.


  1. by the way the "statues of Christ" are not actually of him, but of st. Judas, a famous mexican st. related to an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources. :)

  2. I don't even pretend to know the history or meaning of that statue, but the locals call it the Statue of Christ for some reason.


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