Thursday, April 23, 2009

The end of sunny Mexico

Late again. This time by all expectations i should have definitely missed my flight but i got terribly lucky and when i arrived to the airport i had the pleasure of hearing that my flight had been delayed. That was pure luck if there ever was one. But one of these days my luck is going to run out and i'm going to be stuck somewhere.

I have never been the last person in the check-in line, it's quite a new experience for me. As you can guess, i'm usually one of the first ones :). In my head i saw a horror-movie of me spending next 12+ hours stuck in some crappy seat next to the toilet, far away from any windows and wallowing in self-induced claustrophobia. In reality the economy-class was overbooked so they upgraded me to some super-duper fancy class where the cabin crew addressed me by my name, the wine was served from the real glasses, TV screens were excellent and seats came fully equipped with your very own satellite phones. The complimentary travel-kit was complete with toothbrush, toothpaste, ear-plugs, eye cover and many more useful goodies. I even got my own personal pair of socks :). The people sitting next to me seemed nicer and nearby babies cried softer. My class had only about 25 seats in it and the whopping two bathroom to go around. Yeah, that was a specially nice way to travel. Never had an easier flight in my life.


"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think so, Brain, but if they called them "Sad Meals", kids wouldn't buy them!"
"No, Pinky! But i do think Mexico haven't seen the last of me yet!"

hehe, a little geek-humour here; but only for the animation-enlightened ones though :)

- - -

My expenses in Mexico, 2nd-30th March 2009 (minus the period i was in Cuba):

transport - 2802 pesos
food - 2776 pesos
drink - 379 pesos
hostels - 650 pesos + lot's of couchsurfing
sightseeing - 172 pesos
souvenirs - 1124 pesos
internet + phone cards - 649 pesos
airport tax - 260 pesos (when exiting the country to fly to Cuba)
other - 1547 pesos ( "other" meaning all those personal purchases that weren't really anyhow necessary :) )

plane tickets, Helsinki-Mexico City-Helsinki - 7300 EEK (about 8176 pesos)
10359 pesos (9116 EEK) & 7300 EEK = all together about 16416 EEK

(assuming the rate of ~ 1 Mexican peso = 0,88 EEK)

During those 5 days Dasha and i were traveling in Mexico together, my expenses doubled. So for conclusion, as fun and enjoyable as it was, my budget can't really take traveling with a friend :(


  1. You have to watch cartoon series called "Pinky and the Brain" :).


  2. how come u got such a cheap flight. gotta tell me!


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