Monday, August 23, 2010

Why travel?


Let’s see, the first answers popping to my head would be something in the lines of „to see the world“, „to experience different cultures“ or „to expand my horizon“. But honestly, all that falls into the category of extra perks, the main reason is still that inexplicable itch and yearning to get away and not to stay put for too long.

It might be due to my heritage, centuries of oppressed Estonians have always been farmers who rarely got out of their own villages, not to mention traveled to other countries. Maybe my genetic memory is having a bit of a social revolution of it’s own and creates this determined wish to be off again to make up for the lost time? Whatever the reason, i love every second of it and hope my enthusiasm will never be crippled with daily problems and family routine.

It does make for a bit of a lonely life though, because big part of my family and friends, though absolutely cool and lovely people themselves, do not really understand why do i put all my free money into yet another trip somewhere (preferably a place without Euro or Dollar as a currency) and i still don’t have children or even a car. So being somewhat alone in that gripping endeavor, i found myself a trusted friend to give me extra motivation and most importantly – the loveliest memories ever that will last until the nuclear blast or ice age, which ever comes first. It’s my sweet sweet Canon 30D that travels with me anytime and anywhere. I can see myself forgetting to pack my passport, but never a camera :).

As they said in some movie voice over once: „Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing. You can do anything you want with it, but own it. You can spend it, but you can't keep it. And once you've lost it, there's no getting it back. It's just .. gone.“ And how very true it is! So travel and experience, before it’s all gone.

Anybody cares to guess where all those shots are from? :) 

Download this travel wallpaper!

PS! I do this mistake every time i go on a trip somewhere - I forget to write about it to my friends and then later i find out that somebody i know was in the same place exactly the same time i was, except we didn't know about each other's travels. So, now i'm going to keep my travel schedule up in the blog (see left side menu) and hopefully these annoying situations won't happen again!

Until then, if anybody is heading to Middle-East between 20th September to 13th October, let me know, maybe we can meet. I'll probably be covering Turkey, Syria, Jordan, no fixed plans yet.


  1. Woah! mean read - you're a natural. Loved every word.

    One thing I always felt in Morocco was that men are very close - so that if you haggle with one taxi driver he is probably signalling with his fingers behind his back and the whole crowd knows just what the state of the bargaining is.

  2. Hmm, that is an intriguing thought .. puts my self-proclaimed haggling skills into a rather harsh perspective :) :)

  3. Ragne,
    Nice post about the act of travel. My guess about where all your shots are from is: your Canon 30D camera. Clearly David & Duomo (Florence) and the Moulin Rouge (Paris) are not in the same I'm thinking the answer is not a country.
    Jason (AlpacaSuitcase)


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