Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The mother of all gaps

Some of you might have noticed that i haven't posted anything for quite some time already. Yeah, there's been a bit of a gap .. That's because i've been lazy, i really have. After returning to Estonia, there always seemed more pressing things to do and truth be told, i'm very bad at blogging in the first place - it takes me an enormous amount of time to submit a post. It's like submitting an exam paper for me, i feel jitters before publishing every post. I write it, then i review it, search & choose photos for it, re-read the text once more etc. Plus i usually get side-tracked by things like "ok, now all i have left is to find a good photo of orange vendors on Djemaa el-Fna square, i'm definitely going to recommend drinking the fresh orange juice regardless of the health-risks! .. mmh, i wonder what's the most common health issue you can get from drinking contaminated juice in Morocco? if i'm not mistaken hepatitis A is transfered via contaminated food and water, in any case, wikipedia should know! ok, let's see .. jep, so it is. interesting .. mmh, i wonder .. if i'm vaccinated against hep A, what's the likelihood of still catching it? it can't have 100% protection, or can it? .. " and so on and so on. After two hours of surfing the web i will find out that there is still a tiny remote chance of catching hepatitis A even if you're vaccinated; and no closer to getting my post published :). So it was that i kept putting off blogging, assuring myself that though i'm busy at the moment, i will definitely write something next week etc.

Some of you have even taken the trouble of e-mailing and asking for more stories, so here they are - last remaining posts of Morocco:

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